We’ve all been there. After hopping into the wonderful world of PC gaming, with its high frame rates, lofty resolutions, and the ability to customise each and every part to our heart’s desire, we boot up the latest 90+ Metacritic console exclusive to find it running at a sludgy sub-30fps, smeared with depth of field and motion blur effects, and struggling to hit a native 1080p. A fantastic game marred by the hardware it's tied to.

This isn’t elitism, it’s just a marked change from what many PC gamers are used to. It can make playing even these highly rated games a struggle, especially for those who are particularly sensitive to low frame rates.

The slightly sad part is that before you touch PC gaming, consoles seem perfectly fine. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them when you’re used to them. Like eating a fine steak before having a gristly pork chop though, the fall from grace can be disappointing. We get used to using a mouse & keyboard; modding out gameplay elements we don’t like, or tweaking the graphics settings for visual perfection.

Some struggle far more than others. I’ve heard plenty suggest that console games are now unplayable to them. If you’ve become accustomed to 144Hz the drop to 30fps is no doubt significant. For me personally, I don't really struggle. Sometimes it gets to me, particularly when a game slows down, knowing that it would run faster on a different platform. Usually though, only takes me a few minutes to become accustomed. 

So how do you find switching from PC to console games? Does the drop in frame rate and/or resolution bother you, or are you just happy to play the great games wherever they are? Get voting and let us know why below!

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