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Rocksteady Studios has posted several job listings that point towards the potentially imminent announcement of a new title. The developer of three Batman: Arkham games has been eerily quiet since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight over three years ago, and it would seem Rocksteady is gearing up to reveal its next title shortly.

There are around a dozen or so jobs currently up for grabs on Rocksteady’s website, including one of particular interest. It’s for a Community Manager to join their North London Studio for a temporary role overseeing an “innovative and effective promotional campaign for a highly anticipated upcoming AAA title.”

The successful applicant will be the go-to contact point for fans of the game, while they’ll also be required to provide live demonstrations of the game in action.

Another job asks for a Senior QA Tester to help test “all aspects of our studio’s ‘AAA’ game.” It’s a two-year position, which would likely take into account post-launch support and DLC testing, suggesting Rocksteady’s game is going to be released, or at least revealed, within the next year or so.

The big question now is - what’s Rocksteady even working on? We’ve heard countless rumours over the years, including Suicide Squad, Justice League, or even a stab at a Superman game. There’s also the prospect of a new Batman title, although that particular series feels like it’s run its course somewhat. Whatever it is, a DC superhero title already seems like a safe bet, particularly when one position asks for a "broad knowledge of comics, novels, games, cinema, and popular culture relating to video games."

Moving and shaking going on at Rocksteady right now then, but what do you think the studio could be preparing to reveal?