With the Battlefield V open beta now done and dusted, I should imagine plenty of you found an opportunity to head in and see what the fuss is all about. The months since the May 23rd reveal have been, er, turbulent to say the least. We had that controversial reveal trailer to kick it all off, of course, swiftly followed by the confirmation of no Premium Pass, and the announcement of a Battle Royale mode, before finally devolving into that cringe-inducing mess that was (and I guess still is) #NotMyBattlefield.

First and foremost, Battlefield V is the series returning to World War 2 for the first time in a mainline outing since the original Battlefield 1942. Comparisons with Battlefield 1 are obvious, but DICE also revealed a number of fundamental changes to how Battlefield V will play.

Enhanced squad mechanics attempt to place the focus back on team play. Ammo and health are now much more limited, forcing players to stick together or play either ultra-aggressive or ultra-conservative. An efficient squad can now steamroll any unprepared competition.

One of the big features DICE has been touting for Battlefield V has been the ability to build fortifications. It would be fair to say this hasn’t quite had the impact some had perhaps hoped. Building fortifications is slow and fairly at odds with the flow of Battlefield V’s gameplay. In certain circumstances, it can be useful for holding a point, but a headshot is a headshot, no matter how many sandbags you crouch behind.

On the upside, Battlefield V has reverted to the classic Conquest ruleset with points ticking down for player deaths and capture point losses. Combine this with the slowing down of the pace and removal of Behemoths, and matches now feel a lot closer than they did in Battlefield 1. Having played a dozen or so matches during the beta, three of my games came down to single-digit wins, including a nail-biting 2-0 victory.

Time-to-kill (TTK) is now also much faster than it was in BF1, bringing Battlefield V more in line with Call of Duty. I personally found this incredibly satisfying as it suits my playstyle, but general feedback suggests a lot of folks are unhappy with how quickly they’re being dispatched.

For myself, I went into the BF5 open beta with fairly tepid expectations but came out mightily impressed. What little content was included felt like a big step forward after Battlefield 1, bringing Battlefield back into line with what I expect from the series. Vehicles still sadly take too much of a backseat for my tastes, but infantry combat is usually top-tier stuff and helps make up for the threadbare vehicle play. The sheer level of chaos has been dialed down somewhat, although I think this plays to the series’ strengths.

So how did you find the Battlefield V open beta? Has it made you more or less likely to buy the final game once it’s out? And what do you think needs to change between now and Battlefield V’s November 20th launch? Get voting and let us know below!

Our Favorite Comments
"Problem with bf is that it doesn't feel like the periods it's trying to depict! BF 1 doesnt feel like ww 1, and BF V doesnt feel like ww 2… whole SJW crap doesnt help either. Gameplay feels so fast and is becoming more of a cod than it should. Buying World War 3 instead."
"For me the beta was OK , unlike you Jon i didnt like the fast TTK , the Norwegian map was utter garbage for me and i turned it off after a few hours of playing . there are some problems with the game , for instance that super slow dying time and the bugs that were present , another one is the the..."
"don't know about u guys but what i liked about bf was how simple open world FPS with destructive terrain it was. but BFV and BF1 are far from the simple bf games used to be"
"BF V beta was soooooo much more fun than BF 1, i will definitely buy the full game."
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