Nintendo capped off its Nintendo Direct with the reveal of Animal Crossing, probably the most asked-for game on the system outside of Super Smash Bros which is out later this year.

The Japanese giant did a bit of a cheeky bait and switch for the reveal, initially showcasing Isabelle as a playable character in Smash before finally having everyone’s favourite worst tax collector, Tom Nook, reveal Animal Crossing for Switch right at the end of the Nintendo Direct.

It’ll be the first home console Animal Crossing in a decade, and we can no doubt expect the usual assortment of bug collecting, home decor, socialising, town visiting, and that total bastard Tom Nook.

Any further details on Animal Crossing are basically nowhere to be found. This was Nintendo announcing the very existence of Animal Crossing for Switch, and that’s pretty much it. All we do know for sure is it’s a mainline Animal Crossing title and it’s going to be out at some point in 2019.