Tucked away inside latest (and excellent) Battlefield V developer talks episode was one very, very interesting clip showing a fighter plane taking off from a runway.

It’s been a little while since we’ve been able to take off for ourselves in a Battlefield game, but it appears as if DICE is at least messing around the idea of bringing it back. Check out the first 10s or so from the time-stamped clip below to see an actual Battlefield 5 plane taking off.

In the Battlefield V beta there was no option to take off with a plane, players instead magically spawning inside a plane that was already flying through the air. This feature is either unique to specific maps or it’s being considered following feedback from the beta test.

I’d imagine plane take-offs were originally removed because of a combination of griefing and the ability for ace enemy pilots to take players out before they can take off, but I’d always figured that was just part of the chaotic fun of Battlefield.

Elsewhere, the rest of the video is filled with all sorts of fascinating info about beta feedback and potential changes that are going to happen between now and launch. DICE is listening, for better or for worse, and it sounds as if some fundamental changes could happen between now and BFV’s October 20th launch.