Death Stranding
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As promised, Hideo Kojima has unveiled a new trailer for Death Stranding at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, and it’s every bit as inscrutable as you’d expect.

The Death Stranding trailer debuts a new character portrayed by none other than Troy Baker, the man that seems to find his way into just about every AAA game in existence.  There was also artwork revealed for a further new character played by Tommie Early Jenkins.

In the trailer below you can see Death Stranding is going full-on Bloodborne with its terrifying boss designs, handing a debut to a giant tentacled dog-like demon creature summoned from, er, a golden mask. As you do. Troy Baker is voicing the gold masked character in this trailer, who’s voiced by Revolver Ocelot's Satoshi Mikami in the Japanese dub of Death Stranding.

As for how development on Death Stranding is progressing, it appears as if the game is still on track for now. “The release date for Death Stranding hasn’t changed… yet,” said Kojima, cryptically. “Please wait a bit more for it. Thanks.”

To that end, we still have no clue when Death Stranding is actually going to be available. 2019 sounds like a hopeful bet though, with 2020 looking the more likely launch year at this stage.