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The ‘People Who Get Angry At Games™’ are back. This time a whole storm has blown up around Total War: Rome II after a certain section of the fanbase discovered there were women in the game. These angry fans let out guttural roars as they smashed down their cartons of onion juice and wiped the spillage away from their neckbeards upon discovering a patch applied to Total War: Rome II six months ago causes a 10-15% chance female characters can appear as recruitable generals.

It all began yesterday when a picture emerged of Rome 2 showing all five recruitable generals were, in fact, women. We cannot comment on the authenticity of this image but it all came to pass due to an update pushed out by Creative Assembly all the way back in March. Six months later, ‘fans’ have caught wind of the update and made their disapproval heard loud and clear.

All this uproar eventually caused Creative Assembly’s community manager, Ella McConnell, to respond. She answered various queries about the topic over on the Total War forums, eventually telling fans “Total War games are historically authentic, not historically accurate - if having female units upsets you that much you can either mod them out or just not play.” Cue upwards of 1,000 gamers review bombing the Total War: Rome II Steam page demanding refunds, class action lawsuits, and even calling for McConnell to be fired for her comment. Hilariously, one person even said McConnell's statement was "needlessly aggressive."

With the fans making a mountain out of a molehill, Creative Assembly has eventually responded with an official statement via Twitter. In the statement, CA claims there have been no changes made to recruitable female general spawn rates but that the addition of the family tree feature and new gameplay options in the March patch does increase the chance a faction may have more female family members.

There is between 10-15% chance a general will be female for most factions, a 0% chance they’ll be female for the Greek states, Rome, Carthage, and some Eastern factions, and a 50% chance for the Kush. These figures are designed to broadly represent the cultural differences between the factions.

In terms of what Creative Assembly’s going to do about the ‘issue’, the answer is nothing. It's said the feature is working as intended and there are no plans to issue a patch. Those wishing to remove women from Total War: Rome 2 are free to mod the game settings.

In a nutshell, nothing's actually changed, nothing is going to be changed, the five generals in the image at the top was just a statistical quirk that can occur in rare scenarios. Should that be an issue, there are numerous mods out there that can tweak these settings.

We’re sort of overwhelmed with proof right now that this is seemingly a movement of gamers who hate women rather than historical inaccuracy. Consider, for a moment, the number of games that get a pass despite their inherent historical accuracy. Nearly every game with a historical element is gamified or altered in some fashion. For example, nobody appears to have an issue with the fact orders can be given instantaneously to any unit on the battlefield in Total War, despite being impossible in reality. However, for some reason, a vocal segment is preoccupied exclusively with the presence of women in their games, rather than literally any other historical issue. It really is quite odd, but we'll chalk this one up to the Battlefield V school of thought.

What are your thoughts on this? Much ado about nothing? Or a grave error in historical accuracy? Let us know below!