GOG 10th Anniversary Bundle Features Kingdom Come, Shadow Tactics and Battle Chasers for $25

Written by Neil Soutter on Tue, Oct 2, 2018 12:41 PM
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GOG is celebrating its 10th birthday this week, meaning there are all sorts of goodies and promotions running across the storefront. One thing in particular has really caught our eyes though, or make that three things.

A trio of 10th Anniversary Collections has been revealed for GOG.com’s birthday, with the $25 bundle being the undoubted standout. For $25, or just over £19 here in the UK, you can snap up a collection comprising Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, and Battle Chasers: Nightwar. That is three absolutely excellent games for a price significantly lower than the all-time lowest price that Kingdom Come: Deliverance has ever hit (£23.99). Of the three, Shadow Tactics is the secret champion though, while Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a well-received and lengthy RPG inspired by classic JRPGs.

If $25 is a bit too rich for your tastes, there are also a couple of cheaper bundles. They are all excellent, it’s just the games get a little bit older as they get a little bit cheaper.

GOG’s $10 tenth anniversary bundle contains Homeworld: Remastered Collection, Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition, and Owlboy. Again, excellent games one and all, although there can’t be a huge number of people without a copy of Dragon Age by this point.

Finally, there’s the $5 10th Anniversary Collection, cramming in a couple of Bullfrog classics in the shape of Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper 2, before rounding out with System Shock 2 and Another World: 25th Anniversary Edition. Three of these games are some of the finest of all time. They’re showing their age, sure, but they are each utterly fantastic.

You can see the collections for yourself over on GOG. Let everyone know in the comments section below if you spot any other bargains!

Source: GOG

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13:31 Oct-03-2018

Ten years of awesomeness, what's not to love? I probably won't be picking anything up though, too busy saving my money and not being able to afford all of the new games that are coming out, let alone all of the on sale games that would probably just add to my backlog.

12:58 Oct-02-2018

Forget this.

The whole Witcher franchise is on a massive discount, that is Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition, Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition and Wild Hunt GOTY can be bought for $1.5, $3, $19.99 respectively. There is also massive discounts of Fallout 3 and New Vegas as well as 20% off on Divinity Original Sin 2, plus with just participating in voting, you can get either a copy of SUPERHOT, Firewatch or Shadow Warrior 2.

For me these sales are more appealing than the bundles

13:14 Oct-02-2018

Shadow Warrior 2 is a great fun game:-)


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