Avalanche Studio has provided us with another great in-depth look at Just Cause 4 thanks to a new spotlight feature on 'The Black Hand'.

The titular Black Hand is a private militia based within the island of Solis, led by a formidable leader called Gabriela Morales. Gabriela and her band of mercs will kill anything for money, which obviously flies in the face of Rico Rodriguez’s morals, who will kill anyone for the sheer fun of it.

“The Black Hand is the most powerful opposition Rico has ever faced,” says Square Enix. “They are the largest, most well equipped and highly funded force on the planet, and Solis is their centre of operations. Solis is where the Black Hand train their specialist troops, where they have developed and amassed cutting edge, experimental weaponry… This is their home turf… and this is where they are at their strongest.”

Interestingly though, the AI enemies won’t be quite as brain-dead as we’ve come to expect from the Just Cause series. Avalanche is claiming they’ll actually be using some advanced tactics this time around, while there are around a dozen distinct types of Black Hand enemies, each offering a unique challenge when taken down. These include the stealthy Ghosts, long-range Snipers, a Riot Shielder, RPG units, and Super Elite Black Hands that will be the toughest to take down.

Just Cause 4 is wingsuiting its way onto PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 4th.