The crazy Dwarf Fortress-esque antics of RimWorld are finally approaching completion. Ensconced in Steam Early Access since the summer of 2016 (and available even earlier than that outside of Steam), Ludeon Studios has announced RimWorld is approaching version 1.0 and will be ready to launch on October 17th on PC.

“After five and a half years of development we're coming to the close of this chapter of RimWorld. Thanks to everyone who got involved on the forums, posting bugs, chatted on Reddit, offered mods on Workshop and the forums, to those who are doing translations, to everyone who contributed to the RimWorld Wiki, and to Piotr Walczak, Ben Rog-Wilhelm, Alistair Lindsay, Rhopunzel, and others who collaborated with me on making the game. Thank you everyone,” said Tynan Sylvester, chief creator of RimWorld.

Over the years, RimWorld has received a heck of a lot of updates, so the actual transition from Beta 19 to 1.0 won’t actually entail many changes at all. The only major new feature is a food restriction system that determines what colonists and prisoners are allowed to eat. But, aside from that, RimWorld 1.0 will be the same, massively popular, highly addictive game it’s always been.

For those coming in fresh, RimWorld is an AI-driven sci-fi colony sim directly inspired by the hugely ambitious Dwarf Fortress. Hundreds of complex systems interact, including diverse biomes, NPC relationships, farming, trading, crafting, fighting, cybernetic enhancements, adverse weather conditions, and hundreds more. As the developer themselves says, “RimWorld is a story generator”. Think of it and you can probably do it, whether that’s starting up your own slave mine, forming a caravan to travel across the planet, or becoming an alien animal farmer.