Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward is looking to hire an Associate Game Designer to help work on an “unannounced next gen title.”

Rumours have been gathering pace for the last few weeks and months concerning next-gen consoles, with Sony confirming a PlayStation 4 successor just this week. This job listing from Activision adds yet more fuel to the fire.

Infinity Ward’s job listing was posted on LinkedIn around a week ago. The position is centred in California and they’re inviting the successful applicant to “come work with the game industry’s brightest on an exciting, unannounced next gen title.”

Where things get particularly interesting with this little tidbit is in how the Call of Duty games are scheduled. There’s a new Call of Duty game annually, with three studios working on a game each (Sledgehammer, Treyarch, Infinity Ward). Each Call of Duty is in development for three years, with the studios each releasing a game every third year. In 2017 it was Sledgehammer with Call of Duty: WWII, 2018 is COD Black Ops 4 from Treyarch, and 2019 will be Infinity Ward’s unannounced Call of Duty.

From this, we can gather a pretty good picture of where Call of Duty is headed. According to this job listing, Infinity Ward’s 2019 Call of Duty title is being developed and is expected to release on a next-gen console. This could be the Xbox One Scarlett, the PlayStation 5, or something completely different. Whatever it is, this is our biggest clue yet that a new generation of consoles could be ready to hit in 2019.

What do you think, is holiday 2019 a possibility for next-gen console launches? If true, do you expect PC system requirements to take a jump in 12 months' time?