EA’s E3 2018 reveal of the Command & Conquer: Rivals mobile game, on the biggest gaming stage of all, landed with all the grace of a wet fart. Long-time fans of the series were no doubt disappointed to see EA take an abrupt turn with the C&C license. However, Jim Vessella, EA producer, has taken to Reddit to explain to fans that there could be plenty of PC-focused Command & Conquer goodness coming our way soon.

“As most of you may know, we recently announced Command & Conquer: Rivals, a mobile game set in the Command & Conquer universe,” said Vessella on the Command & Conquer subreddit. “Following the reveal of Rivals, we heard you loud and clear: the Command & Conquer community also wants to see the franchise return to PC. And as a fan of C&C for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more.”

No doubt you, like me, found yourself inadvertently nodding with agreement as you read all Vessella had to say. But what form could this new C&C initiative take?

Vessella explains that EA is currently exploring how it can reinvigorate Command & Conquer on PC, particularly after a string of fairly mediocre titles late in the classic RTS series’ life. The first of these efforts will be tied into Command & Conquer’s 20th anniversary, which will take place in 2020.

“With that in mind we’ve been exploring some exciting ideas regarding remastering the classic PC games, and already have the ball rolling on our first effort to celebrate the upcoming 25th Year Anniversary,” Vessella continued. “We are eager to hear your feedback to help influence our current thoughts for PC and what comes next.

“As a long time C&C fan and developer, I am just as passionate about the C&C franchise as you are, and look forward to hearing your thoughts as they help us shape the future of C&C at EA!”

A rare silver lining for long-suffering Command & Conquer fans then. We can expect a remaster or a remake of the original Command & Conquer as an absolute minimum, although it sounds as if EA won’t be stopping there. Fingers crossed it all turns out well.