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Fallout 76 is shaping up to be the most gargantuan Fallout yet. Jeff Cardiner, project lead on Fallout 76, has boasted the online survival RPG will boast over 150 hours of side content at launch. This will be in addition to the main story campaign that players can work through, whether solo or with a band of like-minded survivors.

The additional content will include side-quests and other challenges to be beaten outside of the core store, and it won’t end there either. Bethesda has plans for an “aggressive” rollout of post-launch content for Fallout 76, according to Cardiner’s interview with Official Xbox Magazine. While Bethesda hasn’t yet said what this post-launch content will entail, Bethesda’s Todd Howard did reiterate “we’ll be able to make a lot of content.”

From the sounds of things, Fallout 76 could become an endless Fallout, one continually updated with new areas, quests, mission types and factions, allowing players to live within post-apocalyptic Virginia month after month and year after year.

“You play this game 30 hours, 300 hours; sometimes you’ll play in a group, sometimes you’ll focus on certain activities but sometimes you’ll play solo,” said development director Chris Mayer.

“And those are the times when you’ll have time to delve into the fiction and listen to the holotapes and read all the monitors and really get into the story. But there is more of a tension there, you can’t pause the game to read a terminal. When you’re reading a terminal something could sneak up behind you and eat you. And it often does. The more we’ve play-tested, the more we’ve realised how viable that is, and it supports the idea of how dangerous and how lonely it is out there.”

The real crux of any content claim boils down to the quality though. A game can have all the content in the world, but if it happens to be a low quality or repetitious, then it’s just content for the sake of content; another bullet point on the back of the box. Play their cards right though, and Fallout 76 could ultimately become an Elder Scrolls Online alternative, albeit one handled by Bethesda itself rather than farmed out to Zenimax.

Fallout 76’s beta test starts today on Xbox One, and on October 30th for PC and PS4. Any progress made will carry over to the final launch on November 14th.

It’s really difficult to gauge this one, but are you excited for Fallout 76? Could the idea of an apparently endless Fallout entice you in? Let us know you’re feeling about it below!