This week I was drawn to a post on Battlefield V’s subreddit concerning DICE’s Florian Le Bihan, the man responsible for the Core Gameplay Design on Battlefield V. Florian was banned from playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this week as the anti-cheat systems detected him as a cheat.

However, Florian wasn’t, and he’s uploaded gameplay clips as proof. Suffice to say, Florian is just good. Very good. Like, monstrously good. He used to be a pro eSports player and a member of the Battlefield 4 Fnatic team, winning several tournaments. He’s just so damned good that COD: Black Ops 4 automatically detects him as a cheat.

Just see the clip below for a look at Florian in action. The kill at 1:34, in particular, is just sublime. If you’re like me then you probably couldn’t even tell what the heck happened, but use the ‘’ controls on your keyboard and you can take a frame by frame look at what he’s doing.

There’s nothing quite so humbling as watching someone who’s really damned good at something you think you might be decent at. Some people are just playing on another level. Once he starts piloting mechs in World War 3, it’s going to be time to start worrying.

But it got me thinking about just how good we all think we are at first-person shooters. Or, I guess, at games in general. Typically, games are designed from the ground up to make us feel like we’re good at it. Logically though, for any one player to be above mediocre, over half the player base has to be worse. For every person having a great time popping off headshots in CSGO, there needs to be a counterpoint who is getting blazed down in a hail of gunfire each and every round.

Before online gaming became so mainstream, it was definitely much easier to feel like you were good at a game. There weren’t endless streams of YouTube vids with insane trick shots or killstreaks. Provided you sat near the top of the leaderboard in any given match, it felt safe to assume you were pretty good. This isn’t the case anymore though, and the far easier access to online games means there are pools of players playing very few games but getting very good at them. They are setting the new precedent.

So as a matter of interest, I thought it would be intriguing to see what would happen if we all rated our skills ourselves. If we can accurately gauge our abilities, the average score should be about 5 or 6 out of 10, but I have a feeling we all intuitively believe we’re better than we are.

Get voting and share why below, but feel free to keep your score hidden if you don’t want other folks to know.

I’ll get started though, and I’d probably have to plump for a 6 or a 7, but I’m leaning towards a 6. I’ve definitely got worse with age, peaking around a decade ago when I made it to the semi-finals in a Battlefield Vietnam eSports tournament at EA’s HQ. Since then the decline has been very real though. How I long for those reaction speeds. I can just about scrape a Plat ranking in Siege, although I’m constantly hovering between Gold and Plat. This is making me think I’m probably on a decline to a definite 6 soon enough. Fingers crossed they invent age-gated OAP servers soon.

So, get voting in the blind poll and then let us know how and why you rated your skill in the comments section below!

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