DICe has revealed out first look at Battlefield V’s post-launch content roadmap, detailing the maps, modes and other additions that’ll be coming our way during the first season. Battlefield 5 will be the first mainline Battlefield title since Battlefield 2 to launch without a Premium Pass and map packs. Instead, all post-launch content except for cosmetics will be free.

This obviously raised a few concerns over whether we’d up receiving less content. Star Wars Battlefront is the poster child for this school of thought. We got four great expansion packs for the original thanks to the Premium Pass, while Star Wars Battlefront 2 has had practically nothing to shout about in the year since launch.

Here’s how Battlefield 5’s first few months of content is shaping up:

If we were to stack this up against Battlefield 1’s content releases, Battlefield V comes out looking like a fairly similar package. BF1 launched with nine maps right out of the box, while Battlefield V has eight. Battlefield 1 then got a free map a couple of months after launch, before the four-pack They Shall Not Pass map pack arrived three months later.

Looking at the Battlefield V roadmap, we’ll get at least two new multiplayer maps in its first four months on sale, along with new Grand Operations, an updated Rush, new Squad Conquest mode, Combine Arms co-op missions, a story mission, and, of course, Firestorm Battle Royale.

The first map is Panzerstorm. Due in December, Panzerstorm features German tank forces rolling into Belgium. It’s a tank-focused map with ridges, ditches, and roads, and will be joined by The Last Tiger War Stories mission, about a German Tiger Tank crew during the latter stages of WW2.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes incorporates the co-op Combined Arms mode. Up to four players can team up to take on a series of Combat Strike missions against AI opponent. There’s also a revamped Rush, as well as the new Squad Conquest mode. This is Conquest but restricted to just two squads per team, totaling 16 players.

Last but by no means least on the roadmap is Chapter 3: Trial by Fire in March. This is when BFV wades into the Battle Royale war with Firestorm. It’s arriving very late, to be honest, possibly too late. We shall see though; Battlefield V Firestorm should be able to mix up the formula significantly with its vehicles and destruction physics. There’ll also be a new Greek map set on the Cretan coast.

“Beyond the first chapters, even more experiences will come your way as the battlefields keep evolving,” says DICE’s Jonas Elfving. “Stay tuned for info on new locations, new weapons, new vehicles, and more. Until then, we hope you look forward to the first exciting months of Battlefield V and its expanding worlds.”

There’s a decent cadence of releases here for sure, and at this stage, Battlefield V’s free content is looking like a much better deal than splashing out for a £40 Premium Pass. Some will be disappointed at just two maps, but that’s par for the course for most multiplayer shooters these days.