If panicky Daily Mail headlines have taught me anything, it’s that video games are destroying the very fabric of society with their sickening violence, weapons training, and cocaine levels of addiction.

And, well, it’s Halloween today, so what better time to celebrate these ghoulish delights. We’ve come a long way from Mortal Kombat, Doom and Postal though. Barely legible pixels enacting violence on one another. Now we’ve got 4K pixel-pushing behemoths and VR to deliver us the most immersive horror and most violent experiences yet.

But, out of all of the thousands of games out there to play, what are some of the most messed up you’ve ever laid your hands on? The sort that has even your usually stoic selves wincing?

I’ll get the ball rolling with what’s inevitably going to be tame compared to what you sickos pull out of the bag, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s notorious No Russian mission is one that always sat a little awkwardly with me. It’s a fascinating thing to make and put into a AAA release, but there’s no doubt it was always a step beyond what’s comfortable. If you’re not familiar with the mission, it involves you playing as part of a terrorist group opening fire on hundreds of civilians in an airport. It wasn’t exactly in good taste, but it could force a powerful response from the player.

That's kind of thematically messed up though, and there are plenty of games out there that are far more messed up in terms of violence and scare. P.T. was basically too horrific for me to handle, including the crying foetus in the sink, while Silent Hill's infamous skinned babies were quite a way to welcome new players to its world. Now I'm thinking maybe it's just dead-but-not-dead children which scare me, which seems reasonable enough.

Over to you now, you sordid lot. What are the sickest things you’ve seen in games? Are there any that you actually found too much to bear, or do you have no limits? Let us know below!