I’m currently on the hunt for an SSD. The bigger the better, obviously. But it’s also meant I’ve been keeping a close eye on the prices, which have practically been in freefall for the last 18 months. Being the penny-pincher I am, I’m wondering just how low they can go.

Back in August 2017, it would’ve cost me $382 for a 1TB WD Blue SSD. For $309 I can now pick up a 2TB SSD today. That same 1TB SSD is now all the way down to $140, almost a third of what cost 14 months ago.

It's pretty much the same story across the board as well. All types of SSD have been becoming much, much more affordable during the past year. An M.2 2TB SSD has dropped from $673 in February this year down to $329 today.

And, to be honest, these price drops still don’t show any signs of slowing. The cost of SSDs and M.2 SSDs is basically falling off a cliff, and I’m sat here wondering when it’s finally the best time to upgrade.

What these massively plummeting prices mean though is an altogether different problem - how big can I go. Earlier this year when I was thinking of picking up a new SSD, 500GB seemed a reasonable goal. For whatever reason, I’ve been sticking with my 2TB SSHD and never taken the plunge on an SSD. But as these prices have dropped, my sights raised to a 1TB drive, and subsequently a 2TB drive. Now we’re talking a drive that would be much, much faster than the one I currently own, and yet I wouldn’t be sacrificing any storage space whatsoever.

From the looks of things though, it seems the days of people getting by on 60GB SSDs for their OS, or 120GB SSDS for a couple of prioritised games, are now long behind us. Which did get me wondering just how big everyone’s SSD storage is right now, and whether everyone’s been upgrading to larger drives these past few months?

So, if you don’t mind sharing, how big is your current total SSD storage, and when did you last upgrade? Get voting and let us know why in the comments section below!

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"seems the sweet spot is still 240GB."
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