DICE has dropped a huge new trailer for Battlefield V, showing us all of the multiplayer maps we’ll be able to wage war in this month.

The deep dive trailer shows off all eight maps that will ship for Battlefield V’s multiplayer at launch on November 20th, covering four distinct territories. There are two maps in each area, comprising the snowy heights of Norway, the dusty, arid land of North Africa, the urban maps of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and a further two set in the iconic rolling French countryside which played host to some infamous battles of World War 2.

Battlefield 5 launch maps include Narvik, Fjell 652, Rotterdam, Devastation, Twisted Steel, Arras, Hamada, and Aerodrome. Panzerstorm will arrive shortly after launch.

Once the launch is out of the way, DICE will then roll out the live service for Battlefield V that’ll include new maps, modes, weapons, and vehicles. Access to this will all be free this time around, although it looks as if we’ll only be getting two new locations between launch and March, where the current roadmap ends. Fingers crossed that means two maps in each of Belgium and Greece though.

Battlefield V is out on November 20th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, you can play Battlefield 5 up to 11 days early depending on which version you decide to fork out for, but more on that here.