Just a quick one for you as we’re sure plenty of you have seen this already but Destiny 2 is currently available totally free of charge on PC.

This is no free trial either, Activision and Bungie’s sci-fi shooter is yours to keep forever, all you need to do is add Destiny 2 to your library. You’ve got until November 18th to grab your free edition of Destiny 2.

In order to nab your free PC copy of Destiny 2, just download and install Blizzard’s Battle.net game client. Login with your Blizzard account and simply head to Destiny 2 in the storefront to obtain the full game for free.

The only catch to all of this, of course, is that Destiny 2 already has three paid expansions. Activision is evidently hoping making Destiny 2 free will encourage PC players to pick up some additional content later down the line. If you are looking to upgrade your copy of Destiny 2, the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion now includes the previous two DLCs, so if you buy the Forsaken DLC you will have a content complete version of Destiny 2.

If you’ve got a few buddies to play Destiny 2 with then it’s definitely worth giving the game a shot, if only to blow through the 10-15 hour story campaign.