Warning Wide Load - Special Transports Come to American Truck Simulator

Written by Jon Sutton on Sat, Nov 10, 2018 12:12 PM
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American Truck Simulator has just been updated with its own version of Euro Truck 2’s Special Transport DLC. ATS: Special Transport adds in specialist heavy loads like silos, homes, and even helicopters, testing the driving abilities of even the most skilled mothertruckers.

SCS Software is offering up 11 distinct new cargoes with this expansion, weighing up to 85 tons and measuring up to 6.5m wide, 5m high, and 16m long. I can barely drive my hatchback without pranging a lamppost so this all sounds mighty worrying.

Other features for American Truck Simulator - Special Transport are special transport trailers, unique job routes through the base map and New Mexico, trained police escorts, and over 90 special transport jobs to complete.

Resident GD'er Bluej511 has given the DLC some hands-on time this week and says "Finally American Truck Simulator is getting some more loving, with a new DLC and a brand new (to the game) Volvo truck. It seems that SCS Software has come to terms with Volvo and added the beautiful VNL into the game, albeit the previous generation. Now we can only hope the new generation VNL will be integrated into the game. Now if we could also have Mac and Freightliner it would give a much greater amount of choices in truck purchases compared to having only Kenworth and Peterbilt.

"And finally, we now get the amazing Special Transport DLC for ATS. Something that ETS2 players have been playing for a few months already, it now makes its way across the pond. It's not for the faint of heart as the cargos are also much heavier, they are also much longer and much wider, making it very difficult to maneuver; it's why the escort vehicles are there. It's quite a bit more difficult then any other cargo and any kind of damage will ruin a perfect delivery, all the road must be used when making turns and driving on back roads. Overall a very well done DLC, just as SCS has done in the past."

American Truck Simulator: Special Transport is out now on PC. Be sure to check out Bluej’s review of the recent Oregon expansion pack as well; it adds several thousand new Oregonian highways on which to cruise.

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20:56 Nov-10-2018

The people who bought it in ETS2 should get it in ATS, in my opinion.

admin approved badge
01:23 Nov-12-2018

Yea i agree but then we would want the same for every DLC, Michelin tire pack, Heavy Cargo, Special Cargo, the list goes on. I know plenty of people who play ATS that don't even play ETS2. It's almost a totally different world.


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