Civilization VI's Newest Expansion is Gathering Storm

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Nov 21, 2018 3:31 PM
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Everyone’s favourite waste of time is about to get even more sprawling. The Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion pack has been announced, bringing a living world ecosystem complete with natural disasters and other events that can forever change the fate of your civilisations.

Civ 6: Gathering Storm adds eight new playable civilisations, nine new leaders, seven new World Wonders, advanced technologies, engineering projects, new units, districts, buildings, and other improvements. It’s the natural events that are the headline feature though, and soon you could have your very own Pompeii.

“History is full of rich stories of great empires, exploration, survival, and the human spirit,” explains Ed Beach, franchise lead designer for Civilization VI. “While we have always managed to capture a lot of this in the Civilization series, our story of human history was missing something without the impact that a changing planet has had on our settlements, and the imprints that we have left behind on Earth. This was the primary theme that we wanted to explore with Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.”

If you’re wondering just how wild things can get, floodplains will now spread to adjacent flat grasslands and plains tiles, volcanoes will periodically erupt, leaving rich volcanic soil behind, while geothermal fissures can pop up along mountain ranges. There’s a weather system being layered on top of this well, complete with droughts, torrential storms, Russian blizzards, and hurricanes shredding ships at sea.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be coming to PC on February 14th, 2019, just in time to whisk you away from your loved one on your special day.

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05:17 Nov-22-2018

But will a giant robot from outer space arrive and wreck your Civ like in Sim City is the real question.

17:07 Nov-21-2018

With a pricepoint of 40€, they better deliver.

16:26 Nov-21-2018

i looks nice, might work. maybe we even finally get weapons like in RA2 where we can send storm to the enemy


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