Total War: Empire, Medieval 2 and Napoleon Definitive Editions Hit Steam as Free Upgrades

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Nov 22, 2018 12:22 PM
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It somehow escaped our notice on Tuesday evening but Creative Assembly fairly quietly announced, and released, no fewer than three new Total War Definitive Editions on Steam.

The new bundles are Total War Empire: Definitive Edition, Total War Medieval II: Definitive Edition, and Total War Napoleon: Definitive Edition. Each includes the base game plus each and every piece of DLC released for these titles, so quite a lot of content when all’s said and done.

The Total War: Empire Definitive Edition includes Elite Units of the East, Elite Units of America and The Warpath Campaign. Total War: Medieval II: Definitive Edition packs in the Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms expansion, and Total War: Napoleon Definitive Edition includes the Coalition Battle Pack, The Peninsular Campaign, Imperial Eagle Pack and Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars.

If you happen to have any of these games in your Steam library already then you’ll be upgraded to the Definitive Editions and be gifted the DLC free of charge, which is a nice move for long-standing Total War fans.

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12:53 Nov-22-2018

The reason behind this is, Total War: Arena (free multiplayer game) is shutting down soon.

admin approved badge
16:57 Nov-22-2018

Woah, didn't realise this.
I got arena then uninstalled but still get a free gift which is cool, I guess.


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