It’s Black Friday! A day I think we all probably love and loathe with equal measure. If you’re on the hunt for some bargains in concentrated form though, then there’s probably no better day in the year to look for them.

Unfortunately, the internet is so awash with the hundreds of thousands of Black Friday sales and discounts that actually sorting the wheat from the chaff, and what we’re actually interested in, is sadly difficult. No Amazon, I don’t need a deep fat fryer and a FitBit, these two lifestyles seem incompatible.

On Black Friday, millions of Americans, fresh from stuffing themselves full of turkey and macaroni cheese, roll out of bed and leg it to the stores for a fist fight in order to snag a cheap, poorly made telly. Around the rest of the world though, we’re content to sit and soak up the potential online bargains.

Most importantly though, we’ve got to find them all first. So here’s your chance to reveal your greatest humble brags, to shout about the ridiculous gaming or PC hardware bargains you’ve scored this fine Friday; offers so good it feels like you’re making money, not spending it.

So whether you’ve picked up a lightning fast SSD, a deeply discounted RTX graphics card, or just been busy rummaging through videogame bargain bins, we want to know your best Black Friday 2018 bargains! So go on, we’re ready for it, what did you get this Friday? See you in the comments!