Battletech's Flashpoint Expansion is Out, Release Trailer Promises 30 Hours of Content

Written by Neil Soutter on Wed, Nov 28, 2018 4:26 PM
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The excellent Battletech has just received its first expansion on PC. It’s published by Paradox Interactive so expect it to be the first of many, many DLCs.

Battletech - Flashpoint promises to add over 30 hours of campaign content to the popular mech strategy game, all centred around ‘Flashpoints’. These are a series of short, branching stories with high stakes that link together special events and merc missions. Depending on the critical decisions players make at, ahem, certain flashpoints, the story can spin off in different directions with rare bonus rewards up for grabs.

“Flashpoints embroil players in the feuds and machinations of the various Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, and are designed to keep even the most hardened mercenary commanders on their toes,” explains Paradox. “In addition to narrative twists and turns, some Flashpoint stories include consecutive deployments in which players can’t repair or heal between missions, while others feature infiltration contracts that restrict the tonnage of deployable BattleMechs.”

It sounds like a pretty fleshed-out experience for your 20 bucks, also including three new types of mech, a tropical biome, and the new mission type.

If handing over yet more money rankles you a little, there is also a new free update for the base version of Battletech to sweeten the deal. Update 1.3 adds a Career Mode for the first time, challenging players to begin as a lowly Argo start-up but working through contracts to build up their mercenary outfit.

Battletech - Flashpoint is out now on PC, priced at $20 on its own or included as part of the $50 Battletech Season Pass. That includes two further expansions due in Summer 2019, although it still seems like a heck of an expensive season pass.

You can read our thoughts on the original game in our Battletech review here.

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