Hell Let Loose
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If Battlefield V isn’t scratching that WW2 itch for you for whatever reason, Team 17 has just revealed the first gameplay trailer for Hell Let Loose, a new “realistic” World War 2 shooter featuring massed battles of up to 100 players with infantry, tanks, and artillery.

In a little jab at Battlefield’s 64-player count, they say this is WW2 “at a scale you’ve played before”. The whole package looks very much akin to DICE’s shooters, albeit with a grimmer aesthetic that sticks a little closer to what I'd expect are the realities of war.

Hell Let Loose features dynamically shifting frontlines across multiple sectors that each generates resources for the holding team, while each of the maps is a 1:1 scale recreation of famous WW2 battle sites using satellite photography and archived material.

There’s a grand total of 14 character classes to pick from, while teamwork is the chief focus rather than individual excellence. There’ll be supply chains to manage, platoons to lead and squads to manage. That and, well, the Hurtgen Forest map is giving me that sweet, sweet Call of Duty 1 nostalgia.

The early footage of Hell Let Loose certainly looks promising, although the developer is in uncharted waters. Black Matter is a new studio and Hell Let Loose is its first game, but publisher Team 17 has clearly seen enough to put some faith in the product. They’re aiming for a 2019 Steam Early Access launch for Hell Let Loose, with the aim of regular content drops and game balancing based on player feedback.

What do you reckon then, could we have a large-scale WW2 shooter hit on our hands with Hell Let Loose? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!