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Frontier Developments has announced Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 will be launching next week, on December 11th. The final chapter of the ‘Beyond’ seasons is being touted as the largest yet for Elite Dangerous, adding in a big ol’ bunch of free new additions for spacefarers to get stuck into.

ED: Beyond - Chapter Four chiefly features a pair of new ships, a new Analysis Mode for the Exploration Discovery Scanner and Detailed Discovery Scanner, new mining tools and mechanics, and the clan-like Squadrons for those seeking a co-operative multiplayer fix.

Behind the scenes, long-time players should also notice a new lighting engine, revamped visuals, and cockpit interface changes.

Drilling down into the new Analysis Mode for a moment, players can now perform an initial scan of a star system before then tuning their scanner to hunt for certain planets and other stellar bodies. This means players can now more specifically target what they’re actually after during exploration, making better decisions on where to head next.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 is out on December 11th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.