Spend too much on angry gaming forums and you could easily come to the conclusion that single-player is dying off, that developers are abandoning it for that sweet, sweet multiplayer cash. Take a reality check and it couldn't be further from the truth. Single-player FPS is alive and well, and 2019 is shaping up to be an absolutely fantastic year for first-person shooter fans.

Doom Eternal

Brutal, kinetic violence. Ultra-modern and yet true to its roots, Doom was one of the best and biggest surprises of 2016. We couldn’t be happier to get more of it three years later. Doom Eternal may not exactly rewrite the rulebook but it’s definitely going to make it an even more compelling experience. The Doom Slayer now has access to a grappling hook for more verticality, the campaign takes us to a demon-infested Earth, and many of the classic Doom enemies missing from the original have been given a stunning modern makeover, ready to be gored into oblivion. Take our money.


Rage 2

A second Bethesda-published shooter on the list, they’re quickly becoming more well-known for their top-quality single-player shooters than they are for their online co-op survival RPGs. Sorry, I won’t bring it up again. Formed by a dream team of Avalanche Studios and Id Software, Rage 2 is a hyper-violent FPS set in a post-apocalyptic open-world, complete with those trademark Rage vehicles. Part Doom, part Mad Max, Rage 2 is the sort of carnage we need to be keeping an eye out for.


Metro Exodus

Always the masters of visual excellence and immersing us so deeply we’re struggling for air, 4A Games has finally taken the shackles off the Metro series. Last Light was arguably a little too similar for comfort to Metro 2033, but Metro Exodus is an odyssey across the wastes and below the surface of the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness. Leave the Moscow Metro behind at long last for a non-linear survival sandbox full of mutated freaks and warring factions. It’s been a long wait for Metro Exodus, let’s just hope it’s all been worth it.


Atomic Heart

From the minds of newborn developer Mundfish, Atomic Heart is an FPS adventure that looks as if the development team has been rummaging through Half-Life 2, BioShock and Metro for all their best ideas, coming out with something that looks hypnotically horrific. Set in an alternate universe wherein the Soviet Union has peaked, Atomic Heart is a visually stunning showcase of robotic monstrosities and eldritch horror that could put this unknown developer well and truly on the map in 2019.


Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

Oh Sam, how we’ve missed you. Serious Sam 3 was an absolute bucket of turds that’s somehow garnered an Overwhelmingly Positive reception on Steam. It wasn’t on the patch on the first two Serious Sam games though, and set a new world record for the most shades of brown found within a single game. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass sounds as if it’s back to being well and truly daft, featuring the largest-scale battles yet with 1000’s of exploding enemies, a motorbike to roam the land, and an awesome variety of weapons with which to blitz those headless chumps.

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