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 The new Far Cry game is called Far Cry: New Dawn. Revealed overnight, Far Cry New Dawn is a direct standalone sequel to this year's Far Cry 5. Ubisoft has said Far Cry New Fawn will launch on February 15th, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Far Cry: New Dawn is set seventeen years after a global nuclear apocalypse. We're back in Hope County, Montana, where a new civilization has clawed itself into existence. The Highwaymen are merciless survivors led by twin sisters Mickey and Lou, or The Twins.

Players will actually be helping survivors fend off the threat of the Highwaymen, forming a frontier in the Montana wilderness. This centers around a Homebase known as Prosperity, where the survivors of the blast live. In here, players can pick up missions, train Guns for Hire, craft makeshift weapons and build vehicles. 

But now here's where things get really interesting. From Prosperity, players can use a launchpad to head on Expeditions. These drop players into various locations from across the entirety of the United States, turning Far Cry New Dawn into a bit of a globetrotting adventure.

Original Story: 06-Dec-2018 - New Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry New Dawn Announced - First Teaser Trailer Revealed

New Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry New Dawn Announced - First Teaser Trailer Revealed. Ubisoft has announced a brand new full-blown Far Cry game has been announced.

They’ve also sent along the first ever teaser trailer for what we’ll just call Far Cry 6  or Far Cry New Dawn for now. Considering the rapid turnaround from Far Cry 5's March launch though, we think it’s pretty safe to assume this game is going to be a FC: Primal-type spin-off.

This certainly looks like familiar territory, at least in terms of locale. Far Cry 5 was set in rural Montana, USA, and this new Far Cry game looks to be a similar setting, possibly the exact same. In fact, here's a promo image for Far Cry 5 which appears to feature the same barn seen early in the Far Cry 6 trailer.

Don’t worry though, despite the similar setting, there are a few surprises in store...

KABOOM. Welcome to Far Cry 76, baby. We’re looking at post-apocalyptic Far Cry, complete with buzzsaw crossfields and irradiated fields. The Rage 2 devs must be letting out a big sigh right about now.


Depending on what ending you got in FC5, the cult could let off a nuclear bomb, the prophesied ‘apocalypse’. This would appear to be a direct continuation of those events then. Far Cry 5-2 maybe?

The full reveal of the new Far Cry game will take place tonight, or early on the morning of December 7th at 1:30am here in the UK.

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"I found FC5 to be better than FC4. Just my opinion, but obviously tastes differ :D"
"So, they see a gap in the post apocalyptic genre(fallout 76) and decide to capitalize on it;-)"
"I am kind of torn between with this one. In one way, post-apocalyptic game should be different enough to be interesting. But in other way, I am not biggest fan of map recycling Ubisoft is doing. While Primal was cool on the paper, for me game was mediocre and just didn't go enough far away from..."