Video gaming can be an expensive hobby. Games definitely aren’t cheap, particularly if you buy them on launch day. It’s always a bit of a gamble as to whether you’re actually going to like a game, which is why reviews and videos are so helpful in judging whether it’s the right game for you before taking the plunge.

We all make mistakes though. Splurging £50 only to discover a game is certainly not for you. Now’s the time to share your woe with the group and hopefully you can find some resolution, a healing power, to resolve that bitter taste left by money wasted.

I'll unload first with two games that definitely disappointed me this year, for fairly similar reasons.

Octopath Traveler

It’s always hard for me to regret buying something because if I didn’t buy it I’d just sit around wanting it until I caved. But, Octopath Traveler is as near-as-dammit as I’ve come to actively regretting my purchase this year. It’s the sort of that constantly reminded me I was wasting my time playing it, that I could be doing better things than playing this flimsy package of eight, repetitive stories that didn’t tie together in any conceivable way. It’s sad because I think Octopath Traveler is, stylistically, one of the best looking games this year, making it all the more the pity that the rest of the package feels so hollow. That and, well, they don't know how to spell Traveller. Dragon Quest XI it certainly isn’t.

V-Rally 4

Aside from that, I’m fortunate enough to receive review codes for most games I play so this doesn’t exactly fill me with regret. There are certainly games that I haven’t enjoyed spending my time with though, in particular V-Rally 4. It holds the title of the single most boring game I’ve played this year, and it’s not exactly a close thing. There are games that are worse, for sure, but I find playing bad games interesting at the very least. V-Rally 4 is just dull, terribly dull. Mustering the energy to even boot it up was a struggle, particularly when there are so many other great racing games out there.

They're my two biggest regrets of the year, it feels nice to finally bury them in the ground where they belong. But what about your lovely selves? Were you disappointed by your nylon Fallout 76 bag? Was there a game this year which you just couldn't bring yourself to love? Let us know!