It was announced over the weekend that Counter Strike Global Offensive has been updated to CSGO Danger Zone, which has made it free-to-play over on the Steam store. This update by Valve also includes a Battle Royale mode, presumably positioning it to better compete with the powerhouse known as Fortnite, and probably an attempt to counter Epic's aggressive charge forward into the Games As A Service space. Which followed Valve's slightly lacklustre announcement to improve developer sales margin on Steam platform, but seemingly only for hugely successful titles, rather than the indie devs who really need that kind of support.

But of course with every action there is a reaction. So while Valve are now giving away their still hugely popular online shooter, Counter Strike Global Offensive, gamers who have previously paid for CSGO want their money back.

Why do gamers want their Counter Strike GO money back?

There are two main reasons for this, firstly they are annoyed that they have paid for something that is now free, and secondly they are upset that with the huge influx of gamers, drawn to the freemium model of Counter Strike GO, comes a tonne of hackers and cheats.

The Steam game page for Counter strike GO Danger Zone is being flooded with comments, a lot of which are negative. Here are a bunch of recent ones in English

  • "RIP CS:GO"
  • "Uninstalled after 2000 hours. Valve is a garbage company nowadays"
  • "...this game is for hacker play £%"£ off valve"
  • "Good Update"
  • "Give me back my 18 dollars"
  • "Please no more hackers otherwise...RIP CSGO"
  • "Map needs fixing, its like completely different game. Needs to be more similar to CSGO maps"
  • "Now that is free is full of hackers....what can i say...very good job, now the game is dead"
  • "Good game"
  • "Give me my money back"
  • "#payback"
  • "Damn everyone cryin for nothin. Updates "£$"n gr8 dude."

Taking a quick look around shows a few trailers that highlight CSGO Danger Zone hacks. I particularly like Gills vid. The bit that made me really laugh though is that in this 10 min long CSGO Danger Zone hack trailer I was interrupted by Youtube to play me an ad for Fortnite's Season 7 Pass. Which basically means that the super aggressive Epic are targeting all things Counter Strike to trigger their ad campaigns. Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe the real Battle Royale has begun, between Valve and Epic and I am not even sure PUBG, who arguably started this royal rumble, is even going to be one of the final two contenders.

CS GO has around 2-3 million players

Fortnite has around 8 million players

Here's Gil's CSGO hack video. Let us know if you see Fortnite's advert as well.

Whats your thoughts on this clash and where does your loyalty lie? Or perhaps its nothing to do with loyalty...either way, why not grab your tub of popcorn and settle in for a showdown, because hopefully this is the sort of fight where the real winners end up being us gamers, as the giants try innovative ways to appeal for our attention, or perhaps they just slash game prices.

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