Capcom had a couple of big announcements for us yesterday in regards to the future of Monster Hunter World. The co-op action-RPG is the bestselling game Capcom has ever released so it’s little surprise they’re going all-in on new content.

First up, a nice little extra. Proof positive that he’ll take on any contract for crowns, Geralt of Rivia is coming to MonHun World in a crossover with The Witcher. Players will be given the opportunity to step into the shoes of Geralt once more in a free content update for Monster Hunter World that features a unique quest line. He’s sufficiently proven over the years that he’s a dab hand at monster slaying, barring the odd slip-up with an archgriffin.

It’s all free, which is good, obviously, and is coming in early 2019 for consoles with a PC release to follow “soon” after.

And moving onto bigger, more expensive things, we have the announcement of Monster Hunter World’s first paid expansion - Iceborne. Set in new, cold lands, MHW: Iceborne introduces new environments, new monsters, an addition quest difficulty rank, new moves, and even more. It’s been pegged as a similar size to the older ‘G’ or ‘Ultimate’ editions of previous Monster Hunter games, which means potentially hundreds of hours of content.

At this stage, details on MonHun World Iceborne are a little thin on the ground but Capcom is targeting an Autumn 2019 release on consoles. That’s a long way away, which backs up the idea that this isn’t any old throwaway DLC. A PC version is in the works but it sounds as if it’s on a different schedule and so won’t be ready to launch until a later date.

Are you ready for even more Monster Hunter World? Is the inclusion of Geralt the push you need to dive in? Let us know!