Days Gone

It’s been around the block at E3 more times than Sony would care to admit, well and truly wearing out its welcome, but we’re still hopeful that Days Gone has the capacity to surprise us. Sony Bend studio has proven itself as a very capable studio over the years, so despite the negative sentiment surrounding Days Gone, we’re looking forward to coming at it with fresh eyes. Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic open-world action game featuring zombies-that-aren’t-zombies, albeit with a biker gang twist. It’s not the freshest of ideas, for sure, but if Days Gone is proficient enough this could be a sleeper hit.


Death Stranding

Two years on from its announcement, we’re still no closer to knowing what the heck is going on with Death Stranding, but that haze of mystery is what makes it all the more enticing. E3 2018 made Death Stranding look worryingly like a DPD simulator, but this is sure to be but a small portion of the mad end product when Hideo Kojima is let off the leash and allowed to run wild with his creation. For good or bad, Death Stranding is surely going to be one of the most fascinating games to keep an eye on over the next year.

The Last of Us: Part II

Nathan Drake’s pulpy charm seemed a world away when watching the first gameplay from The Last of Us Part II at E3 2018. Stomach-churningly brutal, The Last of Us 2 promises to be a gut-punching and harrowing tale of survival in a world in which the worst human instincts come to pass. The pressure is on for Naughty Dog here. They aren’t a studio known for duds so anything less than truly spectacular could only be viewed through a lends of disappointment.

Ghost of Tsushima

Fingers crossed Ghost of Tsushima even has a hope of arriving in 2019, as what we saw of this game at E3 2018 had us hysterical with excitement. Sucker Punch has been lumbered with the Infamous series for the past decade and we’re beyond excited to see what the studio’s next step could be. Ghost of Tsushima is a third-person action-stealth game set in a large open-world on Tsushima Island during the Mongol invasion of Japan. There’s a whiff of Tenchu to the tense action, but it’s the goddamn gorgeous environments that we’re keen to explore.


Announced a full five years ago, Dreams feels increasingly like its namesake. Behind-the-scenes though, Media Molecule looks as if it’s cooking up something truly special. Little Big Planet dabbled in level creation and sharing, but Dreams is on a whole other level. Pla\yers can manipulate a cursor in 3D space to build anything and everything that could ever, ahem, dream of. Objects and characters can be hand animated, anything can be built, and entire game modes can be designed, all within the confines of Dreams’ toolset. Dreams will also support the PSVR, and it’s tough to think of a greater selling point for Sony’s virtual reality headset than getting lost in someone else’s dreams.

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