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Info on the mysterious Beyond Good & Evil 2 is few and far between, but we’ve just been treated to a bit of a blowout courtesy of Ubisoft and the development.

Not only have we got four minutes of actual full-screen gameplay from BG&E2 but we’ve also got an extensive demo walkthrough with Beyond Good and Evil 2 producer Guillaume Brunier and creative director Emile Morel.

There’s all sorts of juicy info across the two videos, with the first focusing on augments, vehicles, co-op play, and the spyglass.

Augments are what players use to customise their gear and abilities, adding special effects such as time-slowing or shocking electric attacks.

In terms of vehicles in BG&E2, we’ve got plenty to mess around with. There are hoverbikes, fighter ships and interstellar jets. Any vehicle you can see, you can fly, and anywhere. This also extends to co-op play. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is an entirely online game and players can team up or split up and head anywhere.

Lastly, that spyglass. It sounds very Ubisoft, allowing users to what enemies have equipped, what skills and augments they have, as well as being useful to mark locations and places of interest on your map. Does that mean no towers? We can only hope.

I don’t know, I mean, does anybody still fall for the whole ‘look how large this world is’ thing? It feels as if we’re long past conflating quantity with quality, particularly since No Man’s Sky helped prove how shallow that concept can be. Nevertheless, we remain hopeful that Ubisoft can somehow strike the right balance between this ginormous galaxy that can be explored with actually making it unique and interesting wherever you go.

Anyway, there’s also a whole lot more where that came from with a new pre-alpha demo walkthrough for Beyond Good & Evil 2 that was shown behind-closed-doors at E3 2018. It’s all a bit bewildering for fans of the original Beyond Good & Evil who were, well, expecting the sequel to be vaguely similar, which it certainly isn’t. BG&E2 is now this strange space opera with open-world exploration, interplanetary travel, space combat, and online hijinks. It looks pretty wild, to be honest, and certainly one of the more ambitious games to be attempted by Ubisoft in recent years.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is currently scheduled to launch when you’re old and wizened.