AMD continues to bleed executives this month as it was revealed Mike Rayfield, senior VP and GM of AMD Radeon Technologies Group is set to leave Team Red at the end of the month. It was almost exactly a year ago when AMD Radeon head honcho Raja Koduri jumped ship to Intel, so there’s been quite a talent bleed lately.

David Wang will be stepping up to head the division in an interim fashion while AMD continues to look for a permanent head of AMD RTG. It’s been without a fixed leader for a year and counting.

“Mike is retiring at the end of the year,” said AMD in a statement to Anandtech. “He has made the decision to spend more time with his family and pursue his personal passions. David Wang will be interim lead for Radeon Technologies Group while we finalize search for a new business leader.”

Rayfield has only been at AMD a short time, joining in February 2018 having previously been vice president of Micron’s Mobile Business unit and general manager of Nvidia’s Mobile Business Unit from September 2005 to August 2012.

He’ll be placed by David Wang who, for what is it’s worth, has a massive wealth of knowledge in regards to all things AMD. He’s often been the face of AMD lately and worked as a GPU engineer all the way back in the ATI days. Wang worked on the R300 Radeon series (the first-ever Direct3D 9 graphics cards), all the way up to GCN 1.0. He knows what he doing, basically, so AMD Radeon appears to be in safe hands.