Picture the scenario. You’re an eccentric billionaire surrounded by opulent wealth. Money has lost all meaning; you can buy literally anything. But, there’s only so many times you can pop onto Amazon and buy a swanky new telly before boredom sets in. The real excitement is in buying, or funding, the impossible.

So, you have your billions, and you have your dream - to totally fund the development of absolutely any game you want. It could be a new IP, it could be based on a beloved movie, or it could be a sequel to a beloved franchise. The point is, you can fund the creation of whatever you want. But what would you dream game announcement be?

I’ll get the ball rolling, although I find this quite a tough one as we’ve had some great announcements lately for some of my favourite franchises. I never thought I’d live to see a Shenmue III, for example, or Luigi’s Mansion 3, so I’ve got plenty of reason to be hyped.

But for me, it’s got to be a new Dino Crisis. It would be made in the RE Engine used for Resident Evil 7 and would be pure survival horror with deadly dinosaurs. I'd throw my millions at Capcom in a heartbeat.

I’d also be more than happy with a Jurassic Park version of this concept, perhaps stuck on a massive version of Isla Nublar and evading raptors in the undergrowth. But Dino Crisis would be the dream announcement, mainly because it seems so possible. Capcom really got back on track with Resident Evil 7 and they could work some absolute magic with the claustrophobic terror of being trapped with a dinosaur. Surely... surely it has to be on the agenda.

But now it's over to you, my fellow eccentric billionaires - what would you dream game announcement be? If you could fund any project whatsoever, what would you get them working on?

Our Favorite Comments
"Another Witcher game"
"another skyrim like game"
"Mafia 1 remaster / remake"
"Front Mission 3 remake (or just reboot the whole series on PC) with modern engine on PCWarhammer 40k: Dawn of War PC reboot and done the way 1st one was done… an actual real time strategy with base building and real campaign story for all species!Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and then..."
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