We used to have to wander into one of a handful of game stores and hope their PC section was remotely decent. Not any more. Whether it’s Green Man Gaming, Instant Gaming, Fanatical, or just plain old Steam, there’s an absolute wealth of options for PC gamers looking to score bargains. While the likes of the PS4 have a fixed price for digital, we’re able to shop around and stores are allowed to, well, compete.

Myself I’m a bit of a CDkeys fanboy. They haven’t let me down yet, even if I am slightly suspicious of how these games can be so damned cheap sometimes. They don’t always offer the best deals but they’re particularly great for early pre-orders. Oftentimes they charge about £25 for an upcoming AAA game, which isn’t bad at all. At the time of writing, Fallout 76 is going for £14. It’s a bad game but a cheap price.

Nuuvem was also a Brazilian haven for a while but then publishers probably started throwing their weight around and the keys became region-locked. For a few months a couple of years ago though, the big AAA gamers could be bought for £10-15 at launch, compared to £50 on Steam.

Then there’s also the slightly seedier places. We’re talking the likes of G2A and Kinguin. They’ll claim their legitimate but any store that offers paid insurance with your purchase in case your CD key doesn’t even work is clearly treading a murky line. But the option is still there if you can stomach funding this sort of behaviour. Whatever’s cheapest I guess.

It’s a tricky world out there though, so we're keen for everyone to share which stores they use, which they trust, and whether any have wronged them over the years. Let us know which digital stores are your go-to for PC games!

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