I'm loathed to share this with you as I’m almost certain it’s fake, but footage has leaked from an alleged PC build of Red Dead Redemption 2.

I cannot stress strongly enough how suspicious this leak is. Classic off-screen shaky mobile footage? Check. No actual gameplay? Check. No off-screen mouse click or keyboard noises? Check. Exact same ‘Build 1116.8’ version number as consoles at launch? Check.

All signs point towards this being an admittedly well put together fake, but on the off-chance there’s anything real about it, I’m sharing it with you.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't last long, the video has now been pulled down and the uploader's YouTube account has been thrown into the pits of Rockstar's fiery hell. Roley handily found a reupload though, so here it is, however briefly.

The Red Dead 2 PC graphics options page certainly looks real enough. If it’s fake then they’ve gone to the trouble of providing a different set of display options compared to GTA V. We see that Texture, Shader, Shadow and Reflection Quality can all be set, as well as Distance Scaling, VSync options, FXAA antialiasing, and up to 4K resolution. But you’ll forgive us if we’re incredibly doubtful.

None of this is to say Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t come to PC. It almost assuredly will. There’s been enough rumours, enough overzealous LinkedIn profiles, and enough cash to be made, that Rockstar would be fools not to release RDR2 on PC.

What do you reckon then, is this legit or not? Are you Team Real or Team Fake? Get voting and let us know why below!

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"If the video was removed that increases the possibility of this being real."
"Regardless of the video I still firmly believe they will release this on PC with the next console generation in 2020."
"Video no longer available as uploader has closed their Youtube account.Seems fishy.I'm calling fake!"
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