The dust settles. Kratos lets out a guttural roar of BOIIIII. God of War is our champion. They said it couldn't be done but God of War managed to topple Red Dead Redemption 2 by just six votes. When I checked this morning there was actually only eight votes between Kingdom Come: Deliverance at the bottom and Red Dead Redemption 2 at the top.

God of War was in the middle of the pack but came out fighting today, scooping up the gong and the prestigious title of Most Wanted Game of Christmas 2018. Put it your shelf Kratos. Or what's left of it anyway.

How the community voting worked

Each day at 17:00 GMT two titles battled each other. Whichever title received the most votes in the poll won, and then went through to the next round. 12 games in total were battling away, one battle per day. The six games that won made it through to the semi-finals, where three further 1v1 fights took place. The winners of these three battles then made it to the three-way final to decide the ultimate game this Christmas. 

Each bout lasted 23 hours, and the winner was whichever game receives the most votes in the poll, which can be found towards the bottom of each article. 


 And here it is, the final table. God of War grabbed the gold medal, Red Dead Redemption 2 got narrowly pipped to second, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance mustered up a third-place finish.