In further proof that taking note of Michael Pachter’s sage wisdom is probably a bad idea, the notorious industry analyst has gone on record to predict The Elder Scrolls VI will be launching in 2019.

Pachter’s thinking behind this preposterous prediction is fairly sound, although fails to account for the towering demands of developing a massive new game in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Pachter believes the critical mauling of Fallout 76 has been a massive hit for Bethesda, and he “expects them to accelerate development of ESVI. Elder Scrolls VI is coming in 2019.”

Now, there’s acceleration, and then there’s warp speed. All the will in the world can’t get a new Elder Scrolls game out several years earlier than expected, based on a commercial flop that launched just two months ago.

Bethesda has been pretty clear about its plans since E3 2018. Both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI were officially revealed. Starfield is a sci-fi RPG announced as Bethesda’s next large-scale project, followed by The Elder Scrolls VI at a later date. It wouldn’t surprise us if TESVI was just a name on a page a handful of months before E3 2018, so the idea of Bethesda creating a new Elder Scrolls within a couple of years seems a bit ludicrous. We’ll stick our necks out on the line and say it’s complete codswallop, to be honest.

As for Pachter’s other predictions that were sent to, they’re a little more wrapped up in reality. “We will get major game announcements from Take-Two” seems like a no-brainer. Take-Two has practically no major games on the horizon whatsoever, so naturally, it will announce something soon. Pachter does put his foot in it again though, saying “It would be cheating to say that the company will announce Borderlands, since it will probably happen before this article is published.” Whoops.

For all the criticism, Pachter is a man that can often get things right though. Some might say a stopped clock is right twice a day. He predicts Ubisoft will release four AAA titles (as confirmed in Ubi’s own financial reports), Activision will make Overwatch and COD: BLOPS 4: Blackout F2P, Respawn will launch two games this year (Star Wars Jedi and Titanfall 3), there’ll be a fully handheld version of the Nintendo Switch, and “we will see progress on streaming services in 2019”. These are all either confirmed already or extremely plausible. A whole lot more plausible than The Elder Scrolls VI, at least.

What do you make of Pachter’s predictions? Is there any way you can see The Elder Scrolls VI having its development accelerated and launching in 2019? Let us know your thoughts!

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