UPDATE: And it's official, Catherine is now out on PC. After some excessive teasing, Sega has brought the cult puzzle game to PC through Steam as a bargain-bin £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 download.

Sadly, and don't use the following adjective lightly, they've gone the lazy route and ported the old PS3 version rather than give PC players the upcoming remastered Catherine: Full Body version that's coming to consoles. Full Body includes a brand new love interest and lots of new story segments but Sega has opted to give us the bog-standard version.

"Catherine Classic tells a twisting tale of love, betrayal, and the terror of commitment," explains Sega. "During the day Vincent has a hard choice to make: marry his long-time girlfriend Katherine or move on to the incredible blonde he just woke up next to — named Catherine. The story can take many paths: make the wrong choice and you could end up dead. At night Vincent's desperation results in terrifying nightmares in which he must climb his way up to survival, with various obstacles hindering his path. LOOK OUT for the sheep!!!"

The PC edition of Catherine Classic comes with 4K resolution support, an unlocked frame rate, option Japanese voice over and customisable keyboard and mouse controls.


Original Story: 06-Jan-2019 - Cult Adulterous Puzzle Game Catherine Looks as of it's Coming to PC

It’s been a long wait but Atlus’s cult puzzle game Catherine looks as if it’s finally coming to PC. Catherine is a rather spicy little puzzle-platform game about a man who's torn between his girlfriend Katherine and the potential new lady in his life - Catherine.

By day, Vincent Brooks wanders about and talks to people at a bar, while at night he’s plunged into supernatural nightmares filled with sheep and collapsing staircases. There’s a whole metaphorical thing going on here, but I won’t delve too deep into it here.

Anyway, the first inklings of Catherine on PC emerged yesterday when a Sega developer posted an image of a sheep with its tongue sticking out to the Bayonetta news feed. This set a few alarm bells ringing, Sega having acquired Atlus in 2016 and announced its intent to bring more games to PC.

Further fuel has been added to this fire by an updated ESRB rating for Catherine on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, all but confirming Catherine is on its way to PC. A remake or an enhanced port of the original game has already been announced for PS4, so it would make a great deal of sense if it was ported to PC in the process.

Catherine: Full Body adds a third girl called Rin just to further complicate matters, adding in new ‘sexy events’ and additional story cutscenes.