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An Nvidia CES showcase wouldn’t be complete without some sort of lavish looking gameplay trailer to showcase just why they think you should be going Team Green. That particular honour falls to Anthem this year, with EA looking to build the hype ahead of the launch of BioWare’s sci-fi online RPG next month.

BioWare has seriously got its work cut out to negate the bad faith earned with the disastrous Mass Effect Andromeda, serving as proof that just a single large-scale fumble can dent the aura of even one of the most successful RPG developers in history.

Whatever happens with Anthem next month though, one thing is for sure - Anthem is going to look absolutely stunning on PC. Nvidia confirmed at CES 2019 yesterday evening that Anthem will be supporting Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), a move which should dramatically improve performance on Nvidia RTX 20 Series graphics cards. DLSS utilises the Tensor Cores to provide an AI-powered antialiasing solution that could considerably improve frame rates in Anthem on PC.

Games that currently support DLSS are few and far between, with Final Fantasy XV being the sole game to use the tech right now. DLSS was patched into FFXV in December and it helped improve frame rates in the region of 33%, so it’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at and its inclusion in Anthem should be welcome news to Nvidia RTX owners.

Anthem is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 15th for EA Origin Access Premier subscribers, and February 22nd for everyone else. In some small mercy, there’s no early access for collector’s edition customers, as there was with Battlefield V.  The only way to play Anthem early is to subscribe to one of EA’s Origin or Access services.