2019 is but a week old and already 4A Games is bringing the fire with a lavish new story trailer for the imminent Metro Exodus.

Those weeks in the gaming news doldrums now seem but a distant memory, replaced by the fiery cracky of an AK-47 and the thundering wheels of our steam train. I’m probably getting a bit over-excited but, well, those of us who love our cinematic, single-player first-person shooters have been hard done by for the last few years. Single-player FPS feels like a dying art at times but Metro Exodus is definitely looking to reignite things.

Anyway, onto the trailer, and it’s all from the perspective of Anna, Artyom’s wife and the Spartan Order’s most precious sniper. Here we get a sneak peek at the harsh world that awaits us during the one-year journey east, trying to find life beyond the cramped confines of the Metro system.

With Metro Exodus going gold long before Christmas, we’re expecting the PC system requirements to drop any moment now. 4A Games has often been a the forefront of graphics and lighting tech, and Metro 3 looks no different. Nvidia has promised real-time raytracing support of course, and we could be looking at the new performance benchmark standard for years to come.

Metro Exodus is out on February 15th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.