Bloomberg has updated its Bloomberg Billionaires Index, an index of, well, the top 500 most sickeningly rich people in the world. Of interest to gamers is the introduction of Epic founder and co-owner Tim Sweeney, of Fortnite fame, who slots into the list for the first time ever, hitting number 196.

According to Bloomberg, Sweeney is now worth $7.16 billion off the back of Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4, and the Epic Games Store. This means that in one fell swoop, Sweeney has leapfrogged Valve owner Gabe Newell, who’s sitting pretty with his $4.58 billion fortune.

Largely off the back of a single game, Sweeney has amassed 56% more wealth than Gabe Newell himself, a man who’s not exactly left wanting for cash either. If you’re still, like most of us, trying to wrap your head around just how big a deal Fortnite this, this goes some way to answer that question.

At last count, Fortnite’s total player count had topped 200 million, or about 3% of the planet’s population, with 80 million monthly active users.

Naturally, this all means that Epic itself is worth a whole lot too, thought to be somewhere in the region of $15 billion and growing. This puts Epic in a situation of immense financial strength, something it’s going to need if it actually hopes to put the Epic Games Store on a level footing with Steam.