The wealthiest man in the world and his little business he calls Amazon is about to make some major strides forward in videogame streaming and cloud gaming, according to a report from The Information.

Amazon is allegedly working on a videogame streaming service to rival that of Google’s Project Stream and Microsoft's Project xCloud. This news is about as obvious as The Elder Scrolls VI  not releasing in 2019, but it’s as near as we’ve got to confirmation.

Two sources close to The Information claim Amazon isn’t planning to bring the online gameplay service to market until 2020 at the earliest, although the pieces are being put into place for a library of titles that would include both third-party publishers and Amazon’s own game studios.

While streaming tech has obvious downsides such as lack of ownership, latency, fidelity, and bandwidth issues that will put off what you could deem the ‘core’ gaming audience, it does open the door to potentially billions more. Provided you have a decent net connection, game streaming could be a very cheap way to play games. There’s no hardware involved and no lengthy downloads.

There’s definitely a war brewing over streaming tech and it’s evident it#s going to take off in a big way soon. Three of the biggest tech companies in the world are now going full steam ahead with their game streaming initiatives. Microsoft, Google and Amazon have smelled blood in the water and they’re looking to secure the market first. Sadly it’s probably already too late for all but the largest companies to have a go at their own streaming tech.

Would you be ready for a cloud-gaming future? Or do you think local hardware-based gaming will remain the champion?

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"The United States has some of the worst internet in the developed world. It is not going to change anytime soon. This will not be feasible here."
"Onlive was good for cloud gaming… However the internet speeds and the lag will play a big role. I don't have a fast internet connection so… I prefer to play the games directly from my PC."