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We’re now into the final year of Windows 7 receiving security updates. Mainstream support for Windows 7 finished back in 2015 but now it’s almost time for extended support for Windows 7 to wind down. On January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 users will no longer receive any security updates for the operating system.

On this day in a year’s time, support for Windows 7 will be dead. It will be a legacy operating system that has been abandoned by Microsoft. Naturally, Windows 7 users will still be able to continue using Windows 7 after 2020, it will just become more vulnerable to security threats and won’t be updated to be compatible with newer hardware.

Windows 7 is still a massively popular OS though, accounting for roughly 28% of all PC gamers according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey. This number is shrinking month by month, however, with Windows 10 now in a commanding position and 63.79% of the surveyed Steam user base.

Millions and millions are still clinging onto the decade-old operating system though, and they’re running out of time to make the switch without opening themselves up to potentially significant security vulnerabilities. The biggest impact will undoubtedly be felt in the enterprise sector, many of which will require large-scale OS upgrades or simply rely on software that isn’t made to run on new operating systems.

From my personal usage, I’ve never really run into many issues with Windows 10, despite hearing plenty of anecdotal horror stories. It may be the luck of the draw, or just very specific use cases causing issues, but Windows 10 always seems to do the job just fine. The lure of the new OS clearly isn’t enough for a significant portion of the PC user base though, but abandoned security support may be the final push some people need.

How many of you fine folks are still using Windows 7? Will you finally upgrade once Microsoft’s support ends? If not, why?

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"Once there's a game which I really, really want to play and its only on Windows 10, then I'll make the switch. Otherwise I'm surviving just fine over here"
"Personally, I decided to bite the bullet when Windows 10 came out, I would have to sooner or latter. And I have to admit that experience wasn't bad. I didn't really experience quite few issues other people were complaining about, not even Windows Update. So I can't say I would ever regret it."