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Zenimax and Bethesda have unveiled The Elder Scrolls Online’s third major expansion, Elseweyr, alongside the Season of the Dragon, a year-long interconnected story event.

ESO: Elseweyr (pronounced ‘elsewhere’) is this year’s massive Chapter update, introducing the zone of Elseweyr, home of the cat-like Khajit race, as well as the addition of the new Necromancer class.

It’s probably the arrival of the dragons that has set pulses racing though. These iconic beasts have become intrinsically linked with Elder Scrolls since Skyrim. They’ll be wrapped up in a year-long story dubbed Season of the Dragon. This will include four add-ons through 2019, comprising Elsweyr, the Wratchstone DLC dungeon pack, an unannounced dungeon pack, and a new DLC story zone.

Dragons will be littered about the new zone and there’ll also be new Dragon Attacks world events that tasks players with banding together in order to fend off a powerful dragon invasion.

Elsweyr itself will be tucking into the south side of Tamriel, right below Cyrodiil and next to Khenarthi’s Roost and Reaper’s March. It’s home to the Khajit and features grasslands and sizzling deserts. Zenimax is promising this expansion will help “truly dive into the life, history, culture, and mythology of the Khajiit and their homeland.”

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is available to pre-order now, ranging from the £25 Digital Upgrade up to the £50 Digital Collector’s Edition which includes the base game plus all three expansion packs (Elsweyr, Morrowind, Summerset).

You can check the full, hours-long unveiling of Elsweyr via the Twitch archive below. Skip to around 20 minutes for the start point. At its peak yesterday evening there were 130,000+ people watching live stream concurrently, which is a surprisingly large number and indicates Elder Scrolls Online is in even better health than we’d thought.      

If you are thinking of getting stuck into ESO, be warned there is an absolutely ludicrous amount of story content in there right now. It’s quite a daunting experience as you can go anywhere, at any time, and it scales the levels of enemies right along with you. There’s probably a few thousand hours of questing in there at this stage and it’s only getting larger. Luckily the level scaling means you can hop into whichever area or expansion you want, at any time, so you can cherry-pick the content that looks the most interesting.

Have we got any ESO players lurking on GD? Who's tempted to hop in now dragons and necromancers have joined the fray?