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It’s been a long old road but Galactic Civilizations III’s journey is coming to an end soon with the announcement of what looks to be its final expansion - Retribution.

In Gal Civ III: Retribution, players will be treated to a final climactic battle to finish off Galactic Civilizations 3’s story campaign. It’s humankind in one last stand against the evil Drengin Empire. They’re nasty sorts and count waging war amongst their favourite hobbies.

Bolting onto the main game, Gal Civ 3 - Retribution also features powerful alien artifacts buried on planets across the galaxy, granting access to some of the most powerful faction abilities yet.

Impatient sorts will now find hypergates can be constructed, allowing to entire fleets to travel across the hyperspace in lightning-quick time. “As civilizations try to carefully balance building an economy, funding an ever-growing war machine, and engaging in diplomacy, the humans of Sol III have invented a game-changing new technology - Hypergates - which, when connected, allow for rapid transit across the galaxy,” explains Stardock.

Retribution features a couple of new playable civilizations in the form of the Drath and the Korath, each with their own motive’s for galactic domination, special abilities, bonuses, and ship parts.

Galactic Civilizations 3: Retribution is heading PC-wards in Q1 2019, priced at $19.99. And then? Roll on Gal Civ 4 please, Stardock!