First announced for PC last year, Sega has teased Yakuza Kiwami will be coming to PC through Steam on February 19th.

Sega posted a gif to the Yakuza Kiwami Steam page showing Majima peeking out of a manhole with the release date appearing above his head.

Chronologically, Yakuza Kiwami follows directly on from the events of Yakuza Zero, a game which released on PC last August. As a remake of the first ever Yakuza game, Yakuza Kiwami is, understandably, a bit of a step down from last year’s Yakuza Zero, a game which released after Yakuza 5 in the West. It’s the ground floor of a pretty epic seven-game saga though, so it's a must for those who want to see Kiryu’s tale through from beginning to end.

Kiwami is also noticeably shorter than Zero, clocking in at 20-30 hours for the main story, but it’s still a decent-sized tale with plenty of side content.

There are no system specs for Yakuza Kiwami just yet although running on the same engine as Yakuza Zero we’d expect the system requirements to be pretty much identical.