The Lord himself could yet be blessed with a buff. For three long years, our Lord and Saviour Tachanka has been the worst Operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Bar none. He’s very useful if you want to eat your dinner while playing Siege, or if you want to deliver a braggadocious display of arrogance, but his lack of mobility makes Tachanka a truly terrible pick.

That could all be set to change soon though as Rainbow Six Siege community developer Craig Robinson, ItsEpi to Reddit lurkers, has heavily intimated Tachanka could be next in line for a major upgrade.

Twitch streamer said “Tachanka isn’t a lord and the meme is dead” on Twitter, to which Robinson replied, “I feel like he had a good run.” It all looked like doom and gloom for Tachanka for a moment when Snedger replied “He did. Bless him, he's just a weak old man now.” And now here’s the killer blow. Robinson replied “Indeed. Not forever though!”

Saying it and actually doing it are two entirely different things though, of course. Ubisoft has had one stab at buffing Tachanka already, providing him with a front-facing destructible shield to temporarily protect him from enemy fire. It helped, to a degree, but Tachanka’s static nature was still a massive weakness that could be exploited time and time again.

Personally, if for some crazy reason I’m using Tachanka, I find it best to move around with his mounted machinegun and set it up in multiple positions within a single round, preventing the enemy from getting a bead on me. In theory. It’s quite painstaking work though and still doesn’t take away from his primary weakness, namely, he needs to stand still while firing the gun.

The big question now is what form of buff would actually help with a Tachanka rework. Added mobility seems the obvious answer, but a wheel-mounted MGwith a shield also begins to sound ludicrously powerful. I think I would be most in favour of his MG being remote-operated, Echo-style, allowing him to hide somewhere and use the gun in relative safety. The downside being, of course, that he leaves himself incredibly vulnerable if an enemy finds him.

If Tachanka is getting a buff during Siege’s Year 4, what form do you think this should take? Should he be left forever broken, or is it about time he’s sorted out?