January got 2019 off to a bang in the world of gaming, but if February's any indicator then we're only just getting started. In the middle of the month, we have what I've affectionately dubbed the Gamepocalypse. Far Cry New Dawn, Crackdown 3, Jump Force and Metro Exodus are all landing on the very same day. Each looks to offer a distinct experience so there should be some tough choices to be made.

Only yesterday we had the PC launch of Ace Combat 7 and the multi-platform release of Wargroove. Wargroove, in particular, has been massively anticipated by Advance Wars and should be a great pick-up for anyone into turn-based tactical combat.

Sadly, we did have to see goodbye to a lovely-looking PC exclusive this month as Anno 1800 was delayed into April. Have no fear though strategy fans as you'll still be able to flex your grey goo with the Gathering Storm expansion for Civilization VI.

Anyway, here are all of the biggest and best games coming out over the next four weeks. Get voting for your favourites in the poll below!

Ace Combat 7 - February 1st / PC

Ace Combat 7 System Requirements


Wargroove - February 1st / PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Wargroove System Requirements


The Occupation - February 5th / PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Occupation System Requirements


APE OUT - February 7th / PC, Switch

APE OUT System Requirements


God Eater 3 - February 8th / PC, PS4

God Eater 3 System Requirements


Trials Rising - February 12th / PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Trials Rising System Requirements


Eastshade - February 13th / PC

Eastshade System Requirements


Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - February 14th / PC

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm System Requirements


Crackdown 3 - February 15th / PC, Xbox One

Crackdown 3 System Requirements


Jump Force - February 15th / PC, PS4, Xbox On


Jump Force System Requirements



Far Cry New Dawn - February 15th / PC, PS4, Xbox One


Far Cry New Dawn System Requirements


Metro Exodus - February 15th / PC, PS4, Xbox One


Metro Exodus System Requirements


Yakuza Kiwami - February 19th / PC


Yakuza Kiwami System Requirements


Anthem - February 22nd / PC, PS4, Xbox One

Anthem System Requirements


The Lego Movie 2 Videogame - February 26th  / PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

The Lego Movie 2 Videogame System Requirements


Dirt Rally 2.0 - February 26th / PC, PS4, Xbox One


Dirt Rally 2.0 System Requirements

If you are planning to pick up any of these games you can get voting below. You can also vote for multiple games if you’re planning multiple purchases (no cheating!). Enjoy the next month of gaming and do let us know if you're saving your cash for something a little further afield!

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"If only Ace Combat 7 for PC had VR, it would be an instant buy… instead they decide to release the VR version exclusively to the crapiest wired VR system out there…"